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  • Catalog Reference : ELRA-S0208
    LC-STAR Spanish phonetic lexicon
    The LC-STAR Spanish phonetic lexicon was created within the scope of the LC-STAR project (IST 2001-32216) which was sponsored by the European Commission and the Spanish Government.

    Production was performed at the Technologies and Applications of Language and Speech Center (TALP) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) (Spain). The owner of the database is UPC.

    The lexicon comprises more than 100,000 words, distributed over three categories:

    - a set of 55,854 common word entries. This set is extracted from a corpus of more than 37 million words distributed over 6 different domains (sports/games, news, finance, culture/entertainment, consumer information, personal communications). This was done with the aim of reaching a target for each domain of at least 95% self coverage. In addition to extracting word lists from the corpus, a list of closed set (function) word classes are included in the final word list.

    - a set of 45,403 proper names (including person names, family names, cities, streets, companies and brand names) divided into 3 domains. Multiple word names such as New_York are kept together in all three domains, and they count as one entry. The 3 domains consist of first and last names (23,114 different entries), place names (15,427 different entries), and organisations (7,777 different entries).

    - and a list of 7,498 special application words translated from English terms defined by the LC-STAR consortium. This list contains: numbers, letters, abbreviations and specific vocabulary for applications controlled by voice (information retrieval, controlling of consumer devices, etc.).

    The lexicon is provided in XML format and includes phonetic transcriptions in SAMPA. The database is stored on 1 CD.

    ISLRN : 826-939-678-247-5
    Project : LC-STAR (IST 2001-32216)
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    Distribution medium : Downloadable
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