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  • Catalog Reference : ELRA-S0064
    Colombian Spanish Speech Database
    The Colombian Spanish speech database contains the recordings of 1,065 speakers (563 males and 502 females) recorded over the fixed telephone network using an E-1 interface.

    The speech data were collected from Colombia.

    Speech samples are stored as sequences of 8-bit 8 kHz A-law, and uncompressed (CCITT G.711 recommendation). Each prompted utterance is stored within a separate file. Each speech file has an accompanying ASCII SAM label file. Speech file format and SAM label files follow the specifications given by the SpeechDat project.

    The recording platform used an ISDN basic access (BR1) interface.

    The speakers were mainly recruited from Siemens personnel, students from several Colombian universities, and their relatives.

    The following sex and age distribution has been obtained: 56 speakers are under 16 (38 males, 18 females), 542 speakers are between 16 and 30 (277 males, 265 females), 347 speakers are between 31 and 45 (178 males, 169 females), 99 speakers are between 46 and 60 (59 males, 40 females) and 21 speakers are over 60 (11 males, 10 females).

    The transcription included in this database is an orthographic transcription with a few details that represent audible acoustic events (speech and non speech) present in the corresponding waveform files. A lexicon is also provided.

    Non-Speech Acoustic Events have been arranged into 4 categories (filled pause, speaker noise, stationary noise and intermittent noise) and are transcribed.

    Type of resource : Speech recordings (Acoustic)
    Speech mode : Read
    Recording conditions: ISDN telephone interface
    Language: Colombian Spanish
    Sex and number of speakers: 1,065 speakers (563 males and 502 females)
    Linguistic annotation: Orthographic (+ transcription of audible noises)
    File format: 8 bits, A-law
    Standard in use: SAM
    Phoeme set: SAMPA
    Sampling rate (kHz): 8 kHz
    Distribution media: 1 CD-ROM
    Related resources: SpeechDat family. Other languages available.

    ISLRN : 260-277-550-048-8
    Technical Information
    Distribution medium : Downloadable
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