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  • Catalog Reference : ELRA-W0018
    The ARCADE/ROMANSEVAL corpus was used as a reference corpus in two international competitions:
    · ARCADE, an exercise on multilingual text alignment financed by AUPELF-UREF
    · ROMANSEVAL, part of the SENSEVAL exercise sponsored by ACL-SIGLEX and EURALEX, on word sense disambiguation.
    The corpus contains raw data from the JOC corpus developed in the MULTEXT project financed by the European Commission (LRE 62-050), composed of 1 million words in English and four romance languages: French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese (Written Question and Answers from the Official Journal of the European Commission).
    The annotation concerns all the contexts of 60 different test words (20 nouns, 20 adjectives, 20 verbs), i.e. ca. 3700 contexts all together, and comprises:
    · semantic tagging of all the occurrences of the test words in the JOC corpus for French and Italian;
    · word-level alignment of all the occurrences of the test words between French and English.

    ISLRN : 681-769-134-114-2
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