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  • Catalog Reference : ELRA-S0156
    ANITA (Audio eNhancement In Telecom Applications)
    ANITA (Audio eNhancement In secured Telecommunication Applications) is a European project launched on the initiative of EADS TELECOM with the objective of reducing audio acoustics noise in secured communications in adverse environments (sirens, alarms, engines, water pumps, stress situations, etc.). ANITA is a R&T project promoted within the 5th RTD framework program of the European Commission, Information Society Technology priority (IST). In Europe, the secured digital telecommunications are based on two digital standards: TETRA (Trans European Trunk Radio) and TETRAPOL. ANITA addresses these two standards.
    This acoustic database consists of 41 recordings (17 males and 24 females) stored on 13 CDs:
    1. Voice recordings in 4 languages (English, French, German and Spanish)
    2. Noise recordings (sirens, engines, roadworks, crowds, trains, etc.)
    3. Real condition recordings (voices and mixed noises), in English
    Voice recordings took place in 2 types of conditions: normal conditions and stress and in panic conditions. Recording scenarios are public place (closed and open), moving vehicle, vehicle standing still and closed laboratory, through omnidirectional microphone B&K 4190 for voice, microphone Audio Technica ATM10A for noise and a linear uniformly-spaced 8-element array.
    Each language consists of:
    In normal conditions:
    - 60 phonetically rich sentences
    - letters and numerals
    - 10 minute text (Spanish text: extract of Rinconete y Cortadillo from Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, French text: extract of Eugénie Grandet from Balzac, German text: extract of Die Lieben des Jungen Werther from Goethe, English text: extract of The woman in white)
    In conditions of stress and panic:
    - same 60 phonetically rich sentences
    - same letters and numerals
    One part of recordings was produced by EADS TELECOM and the other part by Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen, Nürnberg. ELDA provided the 60 phonetically rich sentences.

    ISLRN : 537-894-870-719-4
    Project : ANITA (Audio eNhancement In secured Telecommunication Applications)
    Technical Information
    development mode : Automatic
    Compression : None
    Distribution medium : Downloadable
    Fileformat : Plain text
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