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  • Catalog Reference : ELRA-S0336
    Spanish Festival voice male
    This database contains a unit-selection voice (clunits technology) for their use in Festival Synthesis System (tested on version 2.0.95:beta April 2010).
    The voice was built using a subset of speech derived from the TC-STAR Spanish Baseline Male Speech Database: mid distance microphone, 2h26m, 16kHz, 16bits. The complete speech data (10hours, 96kHz, 24 bits, 3 channels) can be found in the TC-STAR Male Baseline Voice Spanish Database, which is also available in the ELRA catalogue (ELRA-S0310) and Meta-Share. The Spanish Festival voice male was created within the scope of the METANET4U project funded by the European Commission.

    ISLRN : 868-352-143-949-9
    Technical Information
    Distribution medium : Downloadable
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     speech corpus 
    Members Prices
    Academic - Commercial 12000.00 EUR
    Academic - Research 7700.00 EUR
    Commercial - Commercial 12000.00 EUR
    Commercial - Research 12000.00 EUR
    Non Member Prices
    Academic - Commercial 15600.00 EUR
    Academic - Research 10000.00 EUR
    Commercial - Commercial 15600.00 EUR
    Commercial - Research 15600.00 EUR

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    Resource available for free for the purchase of ELRA-S0310

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