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  • Catalog Reference : ELRA-L0087
    Persian Lexicon
    This is a Persian (Farsi) lexicon of more than 40,000 entries of non-inflected forms of words. Each word is transliterated based on the proposed framework from MBROLA (Text-To-Speech synthesizer). The database includes a large variety of descriptors for each entry (plural, homograph, ...).

    This lexicon has been made out from a corpus of newspaper publications collected during a period of six months from the Shargh Newspaper, a publication containing articles from diverse topics: art, culture, policy, social, sport, etc. Due to its coverage, this lexicon can be in particular interesting for Persian TTS systems, as the pronunciation of Persian words cannot be derived directly from their transcription due to the omission of short vowels in Persian writing systems.

    The number of records is distributed as follows:
    Adjectives: 11,955
    Adverbs: 2,047
    Classifiers: 164
    Conjunctions: 129
    Indexes: 85
    Names: 36,651
    Numbers: 88
    Verb-Past Stem: 455
    Verb-Present Stem: 435
    Prepositions: 223
    Pronouns: 141
    Semi-Sentence: 352

    The lexicon is provided in a MS Access database.

    ISLRN : 547-614-436-004-7
    Technical Information
    Distribution medium : Downloadable
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    written lexicon 
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    Commercial - Research 5000.00 EUR
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    Commercial - Research 7000.00 EUR

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