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  • Catalog Reference : ELRA-M0042
    ItalWordNet (Italian WordNet)
    ItalWordNet (Italian WordNet) is an updated version of the EuroWordNet Italian database. The ItalWordNet database was produced within a national Italian programme called SI-TAL. It contains a total of 49,360 synsets. Unlike the EuroWordNet database, the ItalWordNet is provided in XML format. However, it remains partially compatible with the EuroWordNet, as both models are similar, except for some new relations created for adjectives and which were added to ItalWordNet.

    ItalWordNet is composed of the following contents:
    - The Inter-Lingual-Index, which is a list of records (ILI-records), in the form of synsets mainly taken from WordNet1.5 or manually created.
    - A top-ontology which consists of an ontology of 63 basic semantic classes based on fundamental distinctions.
    - A domain-ontology which consists of an ontology of subject-domains optionally assigned to ILI-records.
    - A selection of ILI-records, the so-called Base-Concepts, which play a major role in the different wordnets.
    - WordNet1.5 (91591 synsets; 168217 meanings; 126520 entry words) in EuroWordNet format.

    The original EuroWordNet Italian database is also included in this package.

    ISLRN : 532-206-426-067-2
    Project : ItalWordNet
    Applications existing : Information retrieval
    Technical Information
    Distribution medium : Downloadable
    Platform : PC#Unix#Macintosh
    Fileformat : Plain text
    Contents Click on the arrow to display content.
    written lexicon 
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    Commercial - Commercial 12000.00 EUR
    Commercial - Research 8000.00 EUR

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