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  • Catalog Reference : ELRA-M0048
    LatinWordNet contains information about the following aspects of the Latin and English lexicon:
    - lexical relations between words
    - semantic relations between lexical concepts
    - correspondences between Latin and English lexical concepts

    The data model of LatinWordNet is fully compatible with MultiWordNet (M0026-01) and is an extension of WordNet 1.6, a lexical database for English developed at the Princeton University. The compatibility with the framework of MultiWordNet permits the usage of MultiWordNet semantic field labels (not included in the distribution) for NLP tasks.

    LatinWordNet covers nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, and contains 8,978 synsets in correspondence with the English equivalents (and with all the MultiWordNet-based wordnets).

    LatinWordNet includes:
    - 8973 Synsets: 5621 nouns, 2283 verbs, 775 adjectives, 294 adverbs
    - 9124 Lemmas: 4777 nouns, 2609 verbs, 1259 adjectives, 479 adverbs
    - 25908 Word senses: 13060 nouns, 10062 verbs, 2054 adjectives, 732 adverbs
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