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  • Catalog Reference : ELRA-S0279
    SmartWeb Motorbike Corpus (SMC)
    The SMARTWEB UMTS data collection was created within the publicly funded German SmartWeb project in the years 2004-2006. It comprises a collection of user queries to a naturally spoken Web interface with the main focus on the soccer world series in 2006. The recordings include field recordings using a hand-held UMTS device (one person, SmartWeb Handheld Corpus SHC, ref. ELRA-S0278), field recordings with video capture of the primary speaker and a secondary speaker (SmartWeb Video Corpus SVC, ref. ELRA-S0279), as well as mobile recordings performed on a BMW motorbike (one speaker, SmartWeb Motorbike Corpus SMC, ref. ELRA-S0280).

    This corpus corresponds to mobile recordings performed on a BMW motorbike (SmartWeb Motorbike Corpus SMC) and contains recordings spoken by 36 speakers in a human-machine query situation on a running motor cycle (BMW). Bikers were asked to solve several tasks with a spoken query system to the WWW using an integrated system connected to a speech server via an UMTS connection. Recorded channels are the Bluetooth helmet microphone over UMTS (telephone quality), and - partly - the Bluetooth helmet microphone and an additional neck microphone in high quality.

    The corpus contains:
    - Total number of recorded queries: 2,315
    - Total duration segmented speech: 377 minutes
    - Formats: WAV 44,1kHz, 16 bit, ALAW 8kHz 8bit, Verbmobil transliteration, BAS Partitur Format (BPF)
    - Segmentation: automatic segmentation into queries by the recording server
    - Distribution: 3 DVD-R

    See also ELRA-S0278 and ELRA-S0280.

    ISLRN : 500-054-408-686-6
    Project : SmartWeb Creation date : 2004-2006
    Applications existing : Spoken dialogue systems
    Technical Information
    Distribution medium : Downloadable
    Fileformat : wav
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     speech corpus 
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