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  • Catalog Reference : ELRA-E0008
    The CLEF Test Suite for the CLEF 2000-2003 Campaigns – Evaluation Package
    The CLEF Test Suite contains the data used for the main tracks of the CLEF campaigns carried out from 2000 to 2003: Multilingual text retrieval, Bilingual text retrieval, Monolingual text retrieval, and Domain-specific text retrieval.

    The CLEF Test Suite is composed of:
    • The multilingual document collections;
    • A Step-by-Step documentation on how to perform a system evaluation (EN);
    • Tools for results computation;
    • Multilingual Sets of topics;
    • Multilingual Sets of relevance assessments;
    • Guidelines for participants (in English);
    • Tables of the results obtained by the participants;
    • Publications.

    Multilingual corpora:
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Dutch
    • Swedish
    • Finnish
    • Russian
    • Portuguese

    The data consists of 1.62 Gb stored on 1 DVD.

    ISLRN : 317-005-302-361-6
    Project : CLEF (Cross Language Evaluation Forum) Creation date : 2000-2003
    Applications existing : Information retrieval
    Technical Information
    Bytesize : 1.62 Gb
    Distribution medium : Downloadable
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    written corpus 
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    Special Prices

    Special prices for former CLEF participants:
    Evaluation by research organisations: 150 EURO
    Evaluation by commercial organisations: 500 EURO

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