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  • Catalog Reference : ELRA-AURORA-CD0003-03
    AURORA Project database - Subset of SpeechDat-Car - German database - Evaluation Package
    The Aurora project was originally set up to establish a world wide standard for the feature extraction software which forms the core of the front-end of a DSR (Distributed Speech Recognition) system. ETSI formally adopted this activity as work items 007 and 008.

    The two work items within ETSI are:
    - ETSI DES/STQ WI007: Distributed Speech Recognition - Front-End Feature Extraction Algorithm & Compression Algorithm
    - ETSI DES/STQ WI008: Distributed Speech Recognition - Advanced Feature Extraction Algorithm.

    This database is a subset of the SpeechDat-Car database in German language which has been collected as part of the European Union funded SpeechDat-Car project. It contains isolated and connected German digits spoken in the following noise and driving conditions inside a car:

    1. High speed good road
    2. Low speed rough road
    3. Stopped with motor running
    4. Town traffic

    ISLRN : 613-751-084-730-0
    Project : AURORA
    Applications existing : Speech recognition
    Technical Information
    Distribution medium : Downloadable
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